Choose the Right Plan at the Right Price for Your eCommerce Business

When you work with Cobalt Fulfillment, you don’t have to worry about busting your budget. Our third-party logistics services are entirely scalable to suit your organization whether your company is small, large or somewhere in between.

Our pricing depends upon numerous factors including how many orders you process each month and what your storage requirements are. A first-item pick fee is charged for each order, with additional items costing a smaller fee for each order. Do you want us to include promotional inserts? We can do so for only a nominal charge. Our return processing follows a similar plan.

Don’t forget all of the services that are included with our fees. Freight management, inventory management, dedicated customer support, address validation and more are yours at no extra charge.

Don’t forget that we also provide special projects for our customers at $40 per man hour. If you need us to repackage products, bag products, count inventory or perform quality control checks, we can help.